How do Brand Consultants in Bangalore do what they do

It is this belief which Bangalore Brand Consultants transmit to their client’s marketing and advertising strategies to infuse a fresh breath of life in it. P(x) here boldly declares this love and faith in brands.


Bangalore Brand Consultants 5 important reasons for your business

Bangalore Brand Consultants 5 important reasons for your business

By making a correct judgement about your Brand image and position on a long term basis and defining it further for more power, these Bangalore Brand consultants help the business make important decisions in terms of its marketing, advertising, finance and HR related aspects, these consultants make sure you get value for every penny you spend on them.

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Brand Consultants – The secret ingredient for a successful business

Brand Consultants – The secret ingredient for a successful business

Brand consultants give a clear detached opinion on the advantages and disadvantages of the current advertising, marketing strategies and the overall trademark image. These consultants then suggest and carry out effective branding solutions that will transform their client’s fortunes.

Brand Belief In Business

Brand, the term that sounds simple but has a meaning beyond human imagination. A brand in a layman’s point of view is a product, a company, a service. For a professional, a brand is more than that; it is a Person, an Identity.

At P(x) we believe that the greatest use of life and marketing is to create something which outlasts them… A brand consultant in Bangalore. Here at P(x), the term brand means more than what is defined in the dictionary, for us it is the purpose, the life, the soul. What makes a brand large is not the product, but the values. At P(x) we help or clients to bond with the customer group, creating a brand relationship that is beyond products or services.

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What is the use of advertising if there is no Brand Development?

The answer to this question is the reason P(x) came into existence. In the generation that has passed, the concept of complete brand solution was absent. The process of Brand Development was split in stages. There were different people at different stages. A Brand Consultant would help you in creating a brand, an Advertising Executive would help in marketing the product and the product management would be transferred to another person.

Advertising agency in Bangalore

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p(x), advertising agency | brand consultant Bangalore, Cochin, Kerala

p(x), advertising agency | brand consultant Bangalore, Cochin, Kerala

p(x) an creative ad agency offering advertising, Marketing Consultant, brand consultant, advertising agency in Bangalore, Cochin and Ernakulam, Kerala