Brand Belief In Business

Brand, the term that sounds simple but has a meaning beyond human imagination. A brand in a layman’s point of view is a product, a company, a service. For a professional, a brand is more than that; it is a Person, an Identity.

At P(x) we believe that the greatest use of life and marketing is to create something which outlasts them… A brand consultant in Bangalore. Here at P(x), the term brand means more than what is defined in the dictionary, for us it is the purpose, the life, the soul. What makes a brand large is not the product, but the values. At P(x) we help or clients to bond with the customer group, creating a brand relationship that is beyond products or services.

The books say that branding as a mass market strategy emerged during the mid 1800’s with the industrial revolution, but Branding is not a new age concept. Branding has been in existence before human beings came into existence, the unique stripes on Zebras or Tigers, or the spots on cheetahs or the rings in a tree trunk, are all identities or brands. Brand is a vast concept, broader than what it is being defined as.

The biggest question for us at P(x) is “What is the best way to brand a product?” We try to answer this question with a unique thinking process. We believe that we can create everlasting brands if we don’t limit our imagination to the existing trend in the industry. We believe we can make even the most common product stand above its competitors if we give the right marketing. For us, Brand is life and we dare to think beyond the boundaries. We believe Brands are more than products or services.

We Believe in Brands.


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