What is the use of advertising if there is no Brand Development?

The answer to this question is the reason P(x) came into existence. In the generation that has passed, the concept of complete brand solution was absent. The process of Brand Development was split in stages. There were different people at different stages. A Brand Consultant would help you in creating a brand, an Advertising Executive would help in marketing the product and the product management would be transferred to another person.

Advertising agency in Bangalore

The old school thought was just fine. But fine is not good enough. There was a need for change, for a simple reason that the traditional way did not have connectivity. There were too many people and they did not go hand in hand. It was time for a change. Hence the new age of communication, much above advertising, much above product management. Brand Development.

Branding and Brand Development is the answer, the explanation. With Brand Development, every process related to branding came under one head. This model provides a Build-Operate-Transfer architecture where one person takes care of creating a brand, developing it, advertising, promoting and expanding the product.

We at P(x), advertising agency in Bangalore have evolved. The New generation needs new thoughts, P(x) is the solution. Here, we don’t just work on advertising. We help a new project to develop to become a brand; we create an Identity, a Brand Image. Then comes the second part, Advertising. We at P(x) design product and corporate ads, providing a complete hassle-free marketing solution to our clients. We recognize the needs of our clients, understand their customers and target groups and design a complete promotion campaign which intends not to sell the product but to sell the brand and live forever in the minds of the customers. We then move on to the next level, maintaining the reputation already created. At this stage, the process can be transferred to the client or any other person. But we believe in staying with the client for good. We stay with the client and help them maintain the Brand image already created. Apart from developing a new Brand we also handle existing brands and help them improve their Brand Image and their market base.

With Goodwill being the most important aspect of an organization, P(x) strives to create the reputation expected by the client and reach out to the Target group in a way that there is a long lasting impression in the minds of the customers that will stay with the brand throughout its life.

The Answer to the question what is the use of Advertising without Brand Management is simple. Brand is the essence of life; advertising is a means to achieve this. Advertising is a small concept in an ocean called Brand. And that is why at P(x) WE BELIEVE IN.


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